Subscribe-in-one Button


I find myself going to websites and searching for the Like, Follow and Subscribe button all too often. "Imagine if you could Subscribe to all of the social media websites for your interests at one click of a button.", that's what I thought to myself. So I created a Prototype concept of the idea in Photoshop.

The Possibilities

This idea has the possibilities of being either a stand-alone kit that users download and install on their websites themselves or being a Chrome Browser  Extension. The extension has appeal because you could search for existing social media buttons and then let the users subscribe through some sort of Context Menu Bar that would pop-up at the top of the page.

How it Works

Imagine a button cycling through the various social media buttons once you click it, it would subscribe to all of those social media services, after subscribing it'll show you what you subscribed to and allow you to uncheck the ones you don't want.

The way the settings works is very much idealistic of a single-button interface. You'll notice there are 2 other buttons depicting that ability to change settings in the picture above. When hovering over the social media icon i.e. the Facebook Icon, Twitter Icon or Youtube Icon, it will switch to a setting icon and display the Settings text next to it. Once this is displayed if the user clicks on the Settings text you'll be presented with all 3 social media icons on one button with check marks next to each. By clicking on any of the icons you'll be able to pick what you're interested in subscribing to.

Emma Faye

Developer ▪ Artist ▪ Knowledge Junkie