Tagteam Startups


Tagteam Startups is an incubator for start-ups to help with their lack of momentum by providing an environment that encourages playing musical chairs with other's ideas and start-ups every handful of months.

The Problem

The attention-span of companies and it's employees are too short, we lose momentum even with some of the best of ideas. Eventually the project takes a downward spiral to non-existence.

How can we fix it?

  • Change the traditional life cycle of a start-up
  • Fix the short attention-span problem
  • Create a solution for the desire to work on many ideas and projects

How it Manifested

The idea manifested from the question "How do you keep the momentum at a start-up going?" during the AskJay show by Jay Adelson.

The Solution

Tagteam Startups would be an incubator that would help startups from the beginning. The twist being that Tagteam will bring in a team to work on a pre-existing idea and they would work on that project for a period of time, i.e. 3-5 months. Then, after that period they would move on to a new project and a new team with a fresh outlook would come in to take their place. This would repeat until a startup has reached maturity and a team would become finalized. 

After a person has been involved in 2-3 projects they would then be given the opportunity to submit an idea as the next project that a team and himself might work on.

This would give entrepreneurs and eager-minds filled with ideas the chance to work in a startup-environment and learn before proceeding to work on their own ideas. It also would provide a means for rapid production of multiple projects and ideas.

Could it work?

This is a big scale project, and would require the help of influential people and a decent amount of funding. I also foresee the need to change and play with the variables for all the conditions of this idea. Changing how long teams work on projects, changing specific rules and concepts, until a good balance is found. What do you think, do you think this idea has legs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.