My Predictions of the Future


I wanted to do something fun and interesting with this post, I wanted to write out my personal predictions of life 20 years in the future. These predictions are not based off of intense research, but mere judgement and a little bit of creativity. My goal is to look back at this blog post and see what I thought the future would be like in 20 years so I can see how close or far off my predictions were.


In the future we'll record every aspect of our lives, humans love data, we are increasingly recording more and more data. We'll have information, pictures and videos about our daily lives. Every new and fun experience that we have will be self-documented automatically without having to worry about taking pictures of it.

We'll also know about almost every detail of our bodies, energy consumption, calorie in-take, energy burned. How much we walked, the elevation, the speed. Our blood presure, heart-rate, the list will go on. A lot of these things are already tracked using our phones and other devices. In the future we'll know all this information, all the time, without having to worry about tracking it.


As we move toward a more data-centric life, automation will become a bigger part of everyone's future. People will start to think more and more about how we can optimize our time, so we can spend that time doing what is important to us. Websites like Lifehacker is a small start to something much more, life-automation tools has been fairly untapped at this point. Consider how much more there is left to automate in our lives.


Nest Labs

In the future more and more devices will be seamlessly integrated, which means only one thing. We'll have less devices, presently to achieve cool features like what the Nest Theromstat and Lockitron offer, we have to buy separate devices to put in our homes. With time these devices will be a standard in homes, just like the light bulb.

We’ll no longer carry around our “essentials”, our keys, wallet or even cell phone.

We'll also have less material objects, digital objects will for the most part replace material objects. We'll no longer carry around our "essentials", our keys, wallet or even cell phone. Instead humans will retain digital information on their person. Think, skin-like chips will be embeded into our bodies allowing us to retain information we need for our daily lives, like a digital wallet or digital key.

Much like how the cell phone combines many technologies and possibilities into one device, the same will begin to happen with other devices around us.


New Ways to Experience


In the future we will be able to experience something like a movie, game, puzzle or even fantasies with our minds. We'll begin to use our mental thoughts as a venue for media, and entertainment. We will find a means to clearly visual these things inside our mind with the help of technology, making it possible to close our eyes and play a game.

This will also bring new ways to experience sleep, new ways to learn. We'll be able to dream about whatever we want, we'll be much more concious of decisions we can make in a dream-like state.

We'll be able to view the world in many new perspectives. We'll increase the number of senses we have, being able to see and experience things we could never before experience. We'll be able see the entire light spectrum with our eyes, along with slow motion and viewing from greater distances will all be possible.


In the future we'll be able to live in another world inside our minds. A good example of this would be a computer running Windows with a Virtual Machine software installed, like VirtualBox, that lets the computer emulate Linux. Then if you were to install VirtualBox on that VirtualBox and emulate another version of Linux and so on. This is possible, and it's very similar to how we might simulate experiences in our mind in the future. This simulation is only restricted by the speed and performance of the hardware and software.

In the future we’ll be able to live in another world inside our minds.


In the future we won't be software engineers, we'll be hardware engineers and designers, there will be ridiculous amount of platforms, frameworks and tools that will make software creation trivial, it will just work. Instead we'll begin to focus more on products, and solutions, instead of the how and why.

There will no longer be a separation between creative people and non-creative people.

We'll finally see a time in our lives where translating digital objects into physical objects, is possible without the help and money of others. We'll be the designers of our own lives, we will show off our creativity in new ways. There will no longer be a separation between creative people and non-creative people. Everyone will be creative in how they design products and solutions for their lives. Creativity will become an encouraged part of life, as creativity only brings more creativity. 

You'll be able to change the color of your car, computer, phone, clothes and any other object on command. Changing the size and shape of objects will also be in it's infancy. In the future we'll be able to mold our faces and bodies to any shape and figure we desire. Beauty will only be limited by our imagination.

Those are my predictions for 2032, what's yours?

Photo Credit:
Future City Photo via Flickr, Nano Chip Photo via Flickr, Untitled Photo via Flickr, 11 Oxygen Spectrum Photo via Flickr, Less is More Photo via Flickr