A Little about me

I'm an Entrepreneur, I rave about technology and games and I tend to purchase more games than I can play, damn you Steam and your enticing sales! If you're interested you can view my list of games that I want to play, have played and finished. I also have a reading list of comics and books that I want to sit down and read.


I like to stay on top of the latest internet and technology trends. I like to create solutions to my problems, automating, optimizing. I don't typically settle with routine when it comes to work, I like to work effectively. In addition I try to look how I can use technology in my day-to-day activities to gain a better experience. Is it excess? Maybe. Should I tone done how much I use technology? Probably. Am I going to? Doubt it. Being addicted to technology has lead me to success. And so I enjoy being an early-adopter of devices and services, for that very reason.


I've been playing games all of my life and I highly doubt that'll ever stop, I think I'll be playing games long after I've lost the use of my thumbs. Games have been an integral part of my life and direction. As a kid I always dreamed of making games and even made a couple with some classic software like RPG Maker 2K. I also learned to code websites as a hobby, which landed me a full-time job as a Front-end Developer. Now I use my knowledge of the web to make games. I also started hosting the first South Bay Game Development Meetup group on September 23, 2012 and occasionally I give away all my secrets on twitch.tv, where I live stream my programming sessions for OneGameAMonth.


I've always been an Entrepreneur at heart, ever since I was young I've always been coming up with crazy ideas, creating things with the limited knowledge that I had, however I grew in a small town with limited resources when it came to technology. That's why I decided I wanted to move to California and follow the "Entrepreneur Dream" and try to be successful with my own ideas and projects.


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Feel free to contact me during regular business hours by email or phone. I'm always open to others thoughts, ideas and inquiries.

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Email: emzfaye@gmail.com
Phone: (408) 982-6651

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