This group is for anyone interested in getting more connections or even just learning more about the game development industry. Whether you're experienced or inexperienced, everyone is welcome, we want to encourage collaboration between members and all game developers in the south bay area. This group is for developers, artists, modelers, animators, musicians, writers and anyone else interested in game development.

Reason for Meetup

When it comes down to it, there just isn't any game development meetup groups in the south bay area. There are plenty in San Francisco, all of which are full of wonderful people and connection potential. My goal is to provide the same experience but a little closer to home. I know there are plenty of game developers in the south bay area, and for some going to San Francisco monthly is a difficult task. Especially those who live further south, like Santa Cruz. With your help we can make a successful south bay meetup group, so be sure to join us for one of our monthly meetups!


Indie Routine is a means for me to play more games, recently I've made some pretty staggering commitments and goals and I've found myself with a lack of time. In order to compensate for this I've decided to provide a constructive means for me to play games. I've to play games and review them and post those videos on YouTube for my Creativity a Day. This allows me to still be productive by reviewing a game and having something to present to others, as well as limit the amount of time that I play those games.